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German-American Steuben Parade 2016

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Annual German-American Steuben Parade of New York is one of the largest observances of German heritage throughout all America and the world. With tens of thousands of German-Americans marching up Fifth Avenue every year in September, the Parade is also a showcase of the strong friendship between the two countries. By Britta Schmitz NEW YORK, Aug. 23 2016 – Manhattan is preparing for this year’s German-American Steuben Parade which traditionally takes place on the third Saturday in September. This year, the Parade will be held on September 17. The whole German-American community of New York and beyond will march up [Read More]

Relocation of Sculptures: Landscaping of the North Lawn Continues

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United Nations, New York, USA, August 05 2016 – After the Completion of the UN Reconstruction (CMP) the art work are being return to their original places at the UN North Lawn. The sculpture Arrival (the Irish ship sculpture) is back to its original location. 8 August: Peace Monument (equestrian sculpture), 10 August: Berlin Wall, 19 August: Mother and Child, 23 August: Victims of Extreme Poverty, 25 August: Roots and Ties. By Britta Schmitz   UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 15, 2016 – The renovation of the UN Headquarters under the Capital Master Plan is almost completed. After the temporary North Lawn [Read More]

Secretary-General’s message on International Youth Day

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The world’s young people – who make up the largest generation of youth in history – can lead a global drive to break the patterns of the past and set the world on course to a more sustainable future. Young people are directly affected by the tragic contradictions that prevail today: between abject poverty and ostentatious wealth, gnawing hunger and shameful food waste, rich natural resources and polluting industries. Youth can deliver solutions on these issues, which lie at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this first year of that15-year plan for a healthier, safer and [Read More]

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