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Ceasefire in Gaza not enough for UN’s Secretary General

By La Shawn Pagán

Although the recent ceasefire in Gaza is the longest to date, the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki

Moon says that’s not enough.

“I strongly hope that a durable ceasefire will be reached soon,” said Ban to members of the press at

the United Nations Headquarters in New York at the daily noon briefing on Tuesday. “We must use

this cessation of hostilities to address urgent humanitarian needs – the toll of death and destruction

is staggering.”

Preliminary information reports that nearly 2000 Palestinians have been killed – a total that

included an estimated 459 children.

“There were more children killed in this Gaza conflict than in the previous two crises combined,”

said he Secretary General.

The most recent ceasefire which began on Sunday at 21:00GMT was agreed to, after Egypt said

it had received a simultaneous consensus from all sides after it called for all parties to “reach a

comprehensive and permanent ceasefire.” Still, this is the second attempt at cessation in Gaza, the

first only lasting around 90 minutes.

With the recent cessation, the Secretary General says that he is calling for an extended investigation

of the repeated shelling of those UN facilities that have harbored civilians from the conflict, saying

that he expects “accountability for the innocent lives lost and the damage incurred.”

Moreover, the Ban questions the Israel’s actions that have claimed the lives of thousands of people.

“Most of Gaza’s households have little or no water supply – hospitals meant to cope with disaster

are themselves disaster zones,” said Ban. “Israel’s duty to protect its citizens from rocket attacks

by Hamas and other threats is beyond question. At the same time the fighting has raised serious

questions about Israel’s respect for the principles of distinction and proportionality – reports of

militant activity does not justify jeopardizing the lives and safety of many thousands of innocent



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