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Celebrate New Year's Eve at Times Square – Tip To Enjoy The Ball Drop - Europa Newswire

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Cold Faces at Time Square New Years Eve Party


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New York, December 19 2014 – One of the most popular of all the New Year’s evening traditions is the dropping of the ball in the Times Square. During this time, millions of people prefer reaching to the New York City every year to participate in this unforgettable New Year’s celebration. The ball drop as well as the countdown has been an annual ritual since the year 1907, which the only exceptions in the year 1942 and 1943 due to the world war II restrictions.

There are millions of people literally that want to make their way to the Times Square to witness these celebrations in person which makes the area extremely rushy and the situation chaotic. If you are considering hitting Times Square on the New Year’s eve, it is vital that you follow some important tips so that you can have a more pleasurable experience.

Arrive As Early As Possible

To enjoy the best view of the entire ball dropping, you must arrive as early as possible, most likely in the afternoon to stake out a great view. You must know that the best viewing spots are going to fill up early and quickly. Some of the best spots from where you can enjoy the view from include the 7th Avenue to 58th Street, from 43rd to 50th Streets and along Broadway. You will also find screens that are set up at these points. The party starts around 6PM, therefore, make sure you reach there well before that.

Bring Snacks With You

You will be standing for a long period of time, so it is imperative that you stuff your pockets with some great snacks. You will not find any food vendors in the Times Square on the New Year’s eve.

New Year's Eve IN Times Square

No Bathrooms!

As soon as you have been able to find a good viewing spot, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot leave the place or you will simply lose the spot. You must keep your liquid intake to the least and ensure that your bladder is empty and good before you head down to the Times Square. You may find some restrooms at the Port Authority bus terminal, however; leaving your spot is a big risk and if you do so, then you must prepare yourself to wait in the long queues.

Do not Take Alcohol Along

As per the law of the New York City, open containers of alcohol are now allowed to be lifted for the New Year’s eve celebrations. Officials will scan your personal belongings and will fine you in case they find any such thing.

Cold Faces at Time Square New Years Eve Party

Wear Warm Clothes

It would be extremely cold out there, so you must dress up in lots of layers so that you could easily keep yourself warm. Remember that you will be staying outside for a really long to wait for the event to start so you need to make sure that you are properly insulated from the elements. Do not forget to take your gloves and hats.

Do Not Carry Bags

As you leave for the celebrations, do leave your bags and backpack at the hotel. For the New Year’s celebrations at the Times Square, the security is very tight. If you want to have a closer look for the ball dropping, then you will not be allowed to take your bags along in that area.

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