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Photo by Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire

Nothing can stop Colombians from celebrating their heritage
On July 10, the annual Colombian Day Parade was celebrated in Queens NY where hundreds of

people came out to celebrate their culture along with their supporters.

After reports that the event wouldn’t take place this year, the first time it would happen since

the parade began 26 years ago, there was no way that the almost 300,000 New Yorkers that helm

from the country would go a year without celebrating their ancestry.

Those who attended the parade were as joyous as ever, waving flags, singing, dancing, with

vibrant smiles all around. It was almost as if the dark shadow that gloomed over their celebration

had never been.

As the beauty queens paraded down the road and posed for photos, young girls with traditional

Colombian costumes danced around keeping the atmosphere lively.

The celebrations took place in the Northern Boulevard section of the borough, instead of Queens

Park, since according to the parade’s administrator the financial strain has affected their ability

to pay off the debt accumulated from last year’s celebration. Still that didn’t stop people from

enjoying the festivities.


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