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“In the Key of Life: The Genius of Stevie Wonder”

Last night, on Monday, December 4th, at The 92NY’s in New York City, “In the Key of Life: The Genius of Stevie Wonder” was presented as part of the “Lyrics & Lyricists” series.

Stevie Wonder, an iconic force in music, has shaped the industry for over six decades. He initiated his prodigious journey with Motown at age 11, ultimately earning multiple Grammy Awards.

So, who better than Darius de Haas could lead us through this enchanting realm of Wonder-land? De Haas made a lasting impression when he performed years ago at the Lincoln Center’s American Songbook series. And, thanks to his versatile and lifelong immersion in Wonder’s music, De Haas took the audience to Stevie’s timeless hits like “Superstition”, “Isn’t She Lovely”,  “All in Love Is Fair”, among others.

Thanks also to the amazing collaboration of four young vocalists: Richard Baskin, Jr., J. Hoard, Kola Rai, and Helen White, whose emotional voices immersed everyone in a captivating night.

The show addresses all the significant concepts that Stevie cared about, from the universal themes of love, social justice, and spirituality. Beyond music, Wonder’s activism in civil rights and humanitarian causes solidifies his legacy as a socially conscious artist.

Stevie Wonder influence extends across genres, with countless artists citing him as a major inspiration. In the key of life, Stevie Wonder’s brilliance remains a guiding light, demonstrating the enduring power of art to inspire and unite us all. I could clearly perceive Stevie’s message throughout the show.

De Haas and the four vocalists were widely applauded after each song, thanks to the public’s enthusiasm.

Definitely a Wonder-full night.

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