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Sep 23, 2023 News Comments are off

Mayor Eric Adams Introduce NYPD K5 at Times Square Subway Station

Times Square Subway Station, New York, USA, September 22, 2023 – Mayor Eric Adams makes a public safety related announcement introducing the NYPD robot called K5 at the Times Square subway station in New York City. Photo: Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire


The City of New York is launching a pilot program to test the Knightscope K5 Security Robot at the Times Square Subway Station. The program aims to enhance public safety and deter crime through innovative technology.

The K5 Security Robot will operate between midnight and 6 a.m. at the Times Square Subway Station for two months, accompanied by a police officer at all times during the initial phase. The robot will be trained to map out the station and move around the main station area but will not operate on the platform itself. It will record video for emergency or crime purposes but will not record audio or use facial recognition technology. Additionally, it has a button to connect users immediately to a live person for inquiries, concerns, or reporting incidents 24/7.

The key points from this announcement are:

  1. Leveraging Existing Technology: The city aims to stay ahead of evolving criminal tactics by utilizing existing technology in innovative ways, such as deploying the K5 Security Robot. This technology is seen as a cost-effective method to enhance public safety.
  2. Pilot Program: The introduction of the K5 Security Robot is part of a pilot program to assess its effectiveness. The presence of police officers during the initial two-month trial is intended to ensure public familiarity and safety.
  3. No Facial Recognition: The robot will not employ facial recognition technology, addressing concerns about privacy and surveillance.
  4. Enhanced Safety Measures: The K5 Security Robot is expected to serve as a valuable tool in the city’s efforts to make the subway system safer for riders and address issues related to public safety.
  5. Cost Efficiency: The city emphasizes the cost-efficiency of the robot, with a leasing cost of $9 an hour. The presence of police officers during the pilot program is temporary and will not be a permanent feature.

The announcement underscores the city’s commitment to exploring innovative tools to maintain its status as the safest big city in America and adapt to changing public safety needs. The success of the pilot program will determine the future deployment of the K5 Security Robot in the subway system.

Source: City Hall, Photo: EuropaNewswire

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