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Protesters March on 6th Avenue to Stop Police Brutality


Photos by: Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire

Six Avenue, New York, December 13 2014 – More than fifty thousand people came out into the streets in New York along with thousands in other cities like Boston, Oakland, Atlanta, Berkeley and Washington to file a protest against the Police brutality.

This protest was being made to draw attention towards the death of the unarmed black men from the hands of white police officers and demanding the government to come up with a legislative action.

The police spokesman from Oakland stated that 2,500 to 3,000 people held a largely peaceful protest in the downtown area, and a couple of hours later around 500 remained and then the officers began to make arrests. At least 45 people were arrested.

In New York, the protesters gathered in the Washington Square Park and later on made their way to the One Police Plaza, which is the New York Police Department headquarters. During this cold December weather, Protesters wore heavy clothing to keep themselves warm.

Protesters March on 6th Avenue to Stop Police Brutality

There were various chants that could be heard at the march, which mainly included “NYPD!”, “How do you spell racist?” and “Hands up, don’t shoot,”.

The protestors were holding several placards with numerous signs that floated down to the street, mostly indicating the police brutality, and that it should be stopped right away! There were several others like “Black Lives Matter!” and another one read as “The fabric of our society is torn apart by racism.”

The millions’ protest even impacted some of the businesses and blocked the traffic too, but it was all peaceful all through and there were no such reports of mass arrests being made.

The organizer of this protest stated that peoples’ tax dollars for the police force, but now they feel that the tax money should not go to people who abuse their authority and power. Moreover, the businesses supported the police efforts, therefore causing a shutdown and disrupting businesses is extremely crucial.

The protestors added that police are specifically targeting Blacks which is an unjustified approach to tackle situations and they do not go after the  white collar criminals at all. The federal government should investigate such cases of police brutality. The justice department should handle the brutality targeted against the communities of color and race.

Protesters March on 6th Avenue to Stop Police Brutality

People further added that if there would be no justice, there is no assurance of peace either. The police states to have been following the rules, but these brutal rules have to change. It exhibits a systemic problem in our justice system as the other communities are the ones facing the consequences. It was said by another protestor that they are just out to have solidarity with the victims regarding an issue that impacts all of us. It does not matter which community we belong to, whether we are Chinese or Black, we all want to change the systemic problem we find in our justice system.

Racial issues are always underneath the surface and if not handled properly could lead to chaos and unrest. Someone who has committed brutality needs to be held accountable in this regard.

This million march protest against police brutality is not just a black thing, there were people from all races and colors marching for what we call as JUSTICE.

Source: Jane Davies/EuropaNewswire

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