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Security Council investigation on Flight MH17 crash

Aug 8, 2014 News , , , , , , , 0 Comments

by La Shawn Pagán While the takedown of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 is currently under investigations, the Security Council at the United Nations has been in extensive meetings on Friday, July 18 that have left most of the representatives reeling after the tragic event that unfolded on July 17th flight traveled through Ukrainian airspace. Malaysian Flight MH17, which departed from Amsterdam to the Kuala Lumpur International, was carrying an estimated 298 passengers from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, the UK Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Canada, and New Zealand – was traveling through the most popular airspace above the Ukraine when [Read More]

Colombian Day Parade

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Photo by Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire Nothing can stop Colombians from celebrating their heritage On July 10, the annual Colombian Day Parade was celebrated in Queens NY where hundreds of people came out to celebrate their culture along with their supporters. After reports that the event wouldn’t take place this year, the first time it would happen since the parade began 26 years ago, there was no way that the almost 300,000 New Yorkers that helm from the country would go a year without celebrating their ancestry. Those who attended the parade were as joyous as ever, waving flags, singing, dancing, with [Read More]

Al-Jazeera Journalists detained in Egypt

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Al-Jazeera Journalists detained in Egypt by La Shawn Pagán With news of the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine and the on-going battle for land in the Gaza strip flooding most of media outlets around the globe – three journalists have been detained in Egypt since June 23 and barely anyone is talking about it. Peter Greste from Australia, Mohamed Adel Fahmy a Canadian-Egyptian, and Egyptian Baher Mohamed, all Al-Jazeera staff members – have been detained once again by Egyptian authorities. This time under allegations of being affiliated with a terrorist organization that goes by the name [Read More]

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