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Santa Clauses came to town. December 12 marked SantaCon 2015, join it or avoid it

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  NEW YORK, DECEMBER 12 – Cozy Santas in pajamas. Sexy Santas in skirts (girls) or in open shirts (man). Funny Santas in “ugly Christmas sweaters, a gift from grandma”. Creative Santas with a home- and self-made cotton beard or some sort of a singing talent. Then imagine another universe of elves. And another one of personified Christmas trees, arms as branches, a neckless of bulbes. But there are also a very tall ginger man, an actually kind and hugger Grinch, Batman and Joker, as well as Jesus. All drunk or soon to be. It’s SantaCon after all.   With [Read More]

New York City Dance Parade 2015

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East Village, New York, USA, May 16 2015 – Dancers poses at the 9th Annual New York Dance Parade. On the Photo: Dance Parade 2015 Participants Credit: Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire Dance Parade New York is the world’s only parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance. This annual celebration of eclectic dance styles from around the world boasts tens of thousands of dancers and spectators, more than 75 styles of dance and nearly 200 dance groups. The parade is a colorful explosion of beautiful dancers. A family and community favorite, the yearly parade is a one-of-a-kind display of New [Read More]

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